Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Fall Leaf Project

I saw this posted on my pinterest page a few months ago and have wanted to do it ever since.  Of course anything I copy comes out......well.... different, lol.
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Well...what better place to do a leaf project then in Ohio with my sister-in-law Andrea.  First I had to convince her it would be a fun craft.......she caught on right away, lol.  (Of course she loves fall, loves leaves, and loves crafting, so I did have an unfair advantage.  :)    )

So first things first Step 1:  Drive to Pat Catans to find something glass to put our leaves on.  Step 2:  Drive around to different parks gathering leaves, take them from random strangers yards, or from the trees at the school.  Step 3:  Press the leaves for at minimum of 36 hours.  (If you are as excited as we were to do this project it will be a very long 36 hours. lol)  Step 4:  Focus on a craft project longer then 5 minutes so we can actually get it completed, lol.

So Step 1:  Check 

Step 2: Check, (oh ya, and maybe at a cemetery that had some with good color.)
Step 3: Check

Step 4:  Well that one was a little bit harder to pull off, but we were finally able to focus long enough to do it.  We painted mod podge onto a leaf, put it on the glass (I used a blow dryer to help lay it down and speed up the adhesion process)  repeat until the desired end result is finished, as long as the leaf is covered in mod podge you can layer them on top of each other.  Then apply a coat of mod podge over the entire jar. (We used gloss, watered down to achieve a more clear and even finish.)  It is more time consuming then we first thought it would be, so plan for that.  We are also thinking it needs.....GLITTER SPRAY, that will happen tomorrow, 'cause we have to go buy it.

 Aren't they amazing?  I absolutely love them.  The tallest one is Andrea's, I love how she was able to space them out and leave more "white" space.  

I also love the ring of leaves around the bottom we got from a Burning Bush.

They turned out so good we are going to make another Pat Catan run for a few more smaller ones for Andrea to put on her mantle.  If I didn't have to fly these things home I soooooo would make more of them.  

I am going to work on painting a small block with a cute vinyl saying on it for one of the short ones, to make it just taller then the medium size one.  I LOVE IT.

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